[Jeju Theme and Museum] Experiencing drama sets at Locadio World


Moraeshigae (Sandglass) is considered one of the all time greatest and highest rated Korean dramas. The skills and performances of the actors are magnificent.

It is also one of many Korean and international dramas which have their sets on display at Locadio World on Jeju Island.

The attraction’s name is derived from ‘loca’ meaning on location, which is a term for filming in a real setting while ‘dio’ refers to filming inside a studio. That is how Locadio World’s somewhat strange title came to be.

It is a place to view Korean drama history and have your photo taken trying costumers and tools too.


There are two themed areas. First up is the Hallyu Studio (Korean Wave Studio).

The Hallyu Studio showcases Baramoi Hwawon (The Painter of the Wind) starring Moon Geun-young and Park Shin-yang.

A palace, market street, and  house from the Joseon Dynasty are recreated for any visitor to experience.

You can keep your shoes on while you explore  the sets. Take as many photos as you like.


Other famous dramas are organized chronologically with background information and character personality summaries too.


Japanese colonial times and the Korean War are popular drama settings.



Here we see a person dressed up in a hanbok strumming on a gayageum, which is a traditional instrument.


Passing into the second themed area the World Studio reveals an old American Western-era village down in the basement modeled on Deadwood.

The more recent American drama, Pushing Daisies, is also recreated.

English streets from the early 20th century that conjure images of Sherlock Holmes are there to walk.



Opening Hours: 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. (last tickets sold at 6 p.m.)

Ticket Price: Adult 8,000 won | Youth 4,500 won

Address: Jeju-do, Aeweol-eup, Bgonseong-ri 4556

Map (Korean): http://dmaps.kr/6xr2

Telephone: 064-792-6600

Website (English): http://www.locadioworld.com/web_e/main.html


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