[Jeju Festival] Looking back on the 2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO

The 2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO has been picked, boxed, and shipped out.

The opening ceremony saw a tangerine themed parade march through the streets of downtown Seogwipo.


As tangerines are one of Jeju Island’s primary industries from November 22 through to December 1 Seogwipo’s Agricultural Technology Center, Citrus Museum, and Seogwipo City hosted associated expo events.

Tangerines grown in nine countries around the world including the USA, Japan, and Spain were represented.


The expo also introduced various breeds and agricultural materials to aid growing techniques.

While the business clientele were comfortably provided for members of the general public were able to gain an insight into the uses of the tangerine too.

104 teams around the nation participated in a cooking contest with only 20 teams making it to the final on Jeju. The main rule was you must use tangerines in your dish.

Other contests included tangerine stacking, eating, and an auction.

Many booths in the event hall provided free food samples.


Picking tangerines proved popular. Even though the expo is over this will continue until December 20 at the Seogwipo Agricultural Technology Center and Seogwipo Agricultural Ecology Park (10 am until 4 pm). You can take your 1 kilogram pick home with you for 3,000 won. Children under 6 years old are free.


However if you chose to do the picking at the expo you could have relaxed afterwards in a free foot-bath laced with tangerine extract for 20 minutes.

Alternatively musical and magic performances were also on offer.

Jeju Island and the tangerine

Jeju residents call tangerine ‘miggang’ in the local dialect. Actually this is originally from Gangwon-do with a Japanese pronunciation.  It can sound like ‘milgam’, but to the Japanese it is ‘miggang’.

The island produces around 500,000 tons of tangerines a year.

They are harvested from early October. However at that time many retain a green color. Once you have eaten one of these sour tasting geugjosaeng, or extremely early maturing tangerines, then you’ll find it difficult to eat any other type.

By the end of October the tangerines go yellow. Then from the middle of November picking season moves into full swing.

For more information on the 2013 Seogwipo World Citrus Pre-EXPO please visit this link: http://www.citrus-expo.com/eng/index.php.


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