[Jeju Leisure Activity] Sanbangsan Hot Spring Spa with healing carbonic acid

I needed something to soothe my body and mind from the busyness of life.

The Sanbangsan Hot Spring Spa and its waters could do just that.

After arriving I went straight for the indoor tubs. Initially the water didn’t seem hot enough. It wasn’t too cold, but I felt it could have been be a bit warmer. Yet many people were milling around, so if I got out I wouldn’t get my space back.

I couldn’t get any photographs of this area either as swimwear is optional.

However, moving outdoors I was able to get a few after asking for permission from those enjoying the tubs.


Actually as the day was quite cold not many people were outside.

The tub in front had hot and clear water. Steam rose from the surface.

The tub behind looked a little murky due to the carbonic acid.

Later I learned the temperature was kept at 28 to 29 degrees. This is because your skin is stimulated by the carbonic acid after being submerged in the water for 10 minutes. A hot tingly feeling takes hold as your body temperature rises to around 31 degrees.


In the shadow of Sanbangsan, the Sanbangsan Hot Spring Spa first opened in May 2004 and was later refurbished under new management in 2008.


The spring itself has a protected status in Korea.

The waters are known for helping those suffering with poor blood circulation, especially to the extremities of the body, and rheumatism.

A guesthouse and pension are close too. Guests staying at those locations can receive a heavy discount or even free entry.

Actually there is one more place like this on Jeju Island. It is at the Pinx Golf Club. Membership is needed if you want to use the small facilities. Thus the general public find visiting somewhat difficult and the Sanbangsan Hot Spring Spa much more accessible.




Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sagye-ri, 981

Telephone: 064-792-8300

Price: Adults 11,000 won | Teenagers 8,000 won | Children 5,000 won | Infants 3,000 won | For the open-air bath and swimming pool please add 3,000 won  | 1,000 won is also needed for clothes rental at the bulgama (red clay) sauna

Hours: The indoor section is open 24 hours a day. Outside is open from 11 am until 11 pm

Web Site: http://tansanhot.com/skin15/index.php# (Korean only)


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