[Jeju Hiking] Jeju Olle Trail Route 5 – 14.7 km from Namwon-ri to Soesokkak, Seogwipo


This is Jeju Olle Trail Route 5.

This route is famous for having some of the best coastal views on the island. Starting next to the harbour in Namwon it continues on to where fresh water and sea water meet at Soeskkak 14.7 km later.

The Namwon coastal road gives way to Keunong Gyeongseungji for 2.2km of beautiful views. In fact this coastline path, along with Oedolgae’s “dombaenang”, is considered the most beautiful the island has to offer.


Cliffs standing like a fortress are 15 to 20 meters high. Pine trees and eurya japonica grow well despite a strong sea breeze.


Actually the “ong” from Keunong is Jeju dialect for “shadow of big rocks or hill on the cliff”.


That really is a lasting impression from the area.

The next stop is the back gate of the old Sinyoung Movie Museum, which is being converted into another use.

After that the route moves into a village for a short time before coming back to the coast.


In Wimi-ri and after Wimi Village you’ll meet old camellia trees native with a special origin. They are native to Korea.

Next is Jobaemudeulkoji that was once home to a rock some 70 cheoks high (1 cheok is 30.3 cm). The rock looked like a dragon and became a place people came to pray for the birth of an important person within their village. They also prayed for a thriving community.


During the Japanese colonial era a Mr. Kim was convinced by the Japanese the rock should be destroyed. So alas it was and the story goes upon its destruction a baby dragon appeared from inside and bled to death.

Stories aside the next stretch is a very pleasant hike.


At Nubbille you can discover a shrine at which villagers carried out ancestral rites.


This is Manjang Port.


Passing through Yongchon Port onto the new road leads to the final destination of Soeskkak where fresh water and sea water meet.



Now it is quite crowded with tourists, especially in summer when many enjoy taking the traditional Taewoo boat out on the water.

However, the wooden deck and steps create a well organized trail with good views to appreciate as you finish Jeju Olle Trail Route 5.

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