[Jeju Food – 7 Masterpieces Series] The official seven types of food all visitors to Jeju Island should try to eat

With the help of expert opinion and a survey Jeju Island has selected seven dishes that visitors must try while they are here.


(1) Gogiguksu (pork noodle soup)


Noodles are cooked in a broth flavored by pork bone. Boiled pork meat is added on top at the end.

It is a simple dish with a good taste.


(2) Jaridommulhoe (cold raw damselfish)


This fish contains a bit of oil and is good for digestion. It is also high in calcium and protein making it a good choice for recovering one’s health.

When you hear the word ‘dom’ you might think of a big size here in Korea, but actually damselfish is small.

(3) Seonggeguk (sea urchin soup)

173 Sea Urchin in Chilled Broth

Cooked with fresh seaweed and sea urchin egg that were once considered a precious food here on Jeju Island.

It is usually eaten at big and special family event-marking occasions.

(4) Okdom (baked tilefish)


This doesn’t have a typical fish smell, but is none-the-less very agreeable.

Okdom would be sent to the palace for the king, so it was considered very precious as well.

(5) Hanchi (squid soup)


The squid soup helps us endure the hot Jeju summers and is great for helping fight off the summer heat.

(6) Galchiguk (hairtail fish soup)

06 - 갈치국 Crop

It is a food to try only in Jeju and usually has pumpkin and baechu(Chinese cabbage) added to make the soup extra tasty.

Try in the summer months.

(7) Bingtteok (Jeju-style buckwheat pancake)

07 - 빙떡

Available from traditional Jeju markets.

Some might consider it a bit bland, but it has next to no calories making it good diet food.


* Honorable mentions must also go to other popular Jeju foods including heukdaeji(black pork pig), ttukbaegi(seafood stew), and jeonbokjuk(abalone porridge). 

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