[How to spend a cool summer on Jeju] Bijarim – The Forest of Healing

Bijarim – The Forest of Healing

Part of Jeju Tourism’s ‘How to spend a cool summer on Jeju’ Series

bijarim forest



* The Bijarim Forest is home to around 2,800 long-living nutmeg trees and is one of the biggest forest with one kind of tree on the island.

* Phytoncide released from the trees combined with the sound of bird song, and blow of the wind create a sense of ‘healing’.

* It is best to expose as much skin to the phytoncide as possible. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. tends to be the peak release time.

* The fruit from the trees is said to improve vision, lower cholesterol, and help prevent high blood pressure.

* The walking path is predominantly made from scorid, which is leftover from volcanic activity on Jeju long ago. It is one of the island’s representative natural resources, however, when you visit the important ‘Sarangnamoo(love tree)’ and ‘Cheonnyeonnamoo(1000 year tree)’ you’ll be on a wooden deck.

*Both of these trees are popular wish-making places.


* The Bijarim Forest is considered accessible for all ages and fitness types.

Essential Bijarim Forest Travel Information

– Click here for admission fees, admission times, and map –

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