[How to spend a cool summer on Jeju] Saryeoni Forest Path

Saryeoni Forest Path – The Holy Forest

Part of Jeju Tourism’s ‘How to spend a cool summer on Jeju’ Series

Saryeoni Forest Path

On Jeju Island we have many beautiful Olle trails, but with the summer heat they can become a bit too hot. As Saryeoni Forest Path is higher in altitude up on Halla Mountain there is a chance to enjoy a cooler temperature while discovering one of the island’s best forest adventures before leaving.

* ‘Saryeoni’ is actually an old Jeju dialect term for ‘holy place’.


* There are about 250 different types of plants in this Jeju forest. There are naturally growing trees and those put down by us.


* The odor from the trees, including cypress, pine, and cedar create a relaxed feeling among walkers. The cypress and cedar especially so due to the release of phytoncide. The effect of phytoncide has been proved to be good for the body and good for combating skin problems.


* Saryeoni Forest Path provides other health benefits and visitors can feel the worth of the forest and grow a love for nature in their minds.


* Joritdae(sasa borealis – bottom right photograph) is a very common plant you’ll see on the path. It can help kill germs, prevent coughs, reduce infections and provide a detox. It is also a diuretic with positive properties for the liver.


* Like the Bijarim there is a scorid made path.


* The lush trees and vegetation lend themselves to images of the film Avatar.


* It is also a filming location for many advertisements and dramas including Secret Garden.


Essential Saryeoni Forest Path Travel Information

Click here for admission times and map (free entry) –

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