[Jeju_TRAVEL] Enjoy Jeju’s ocean and wind views along the Sinchang-ri Coastal Road

SAMSUNG CSCSinchang coastal road jeju island cyclingSAMSUNG CSC

 It is a good idea to spend time in the Jeju forest during the Jeju summer as we’ve introduced before on the Jeju Tourism Organization Blog (see Saryeoni and Bijarim).

However, the sound of the ocean wind, the crashing of waves, and the squawking of seagulls at the beach are also things a visitor should enjoy.

As Jeju is an island the ocean goes all the way around and it can be a beautiful route to explore along the coastal roads.

Aewol, Pyoseon, and Woljeong-ri are popular routes at the moment. Among them we shall add one more. The Sinchang-ri Coastal Road.

It is famous for the wind turbines and wind farms, which create renewable energy for Jeju.

You’ll also get to meet some haenyeo(women divers) along the way with their fresh sea food.

A visitor can drive, walk, or cycle. Actually cycling is a very easy and is probably the best way of seeing the area. Every summer Korean university students take time out to spend around 4 days and 5 nights cycling around.

Couples enjoy scooters too.

So Sinchang-ri Coastal Road is just one more location to add to the list of places to visit on Jeju Island this summer.


– Click here for further location information –

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