[Jeju_TRAVEL] Jeju Welcome Center – The starting point for any Jeju Island travel



When visitors arrive at Jeju International Airport they know their Jeju trip is finally starting, but here at Jeju Tourism we’d like to recommend another starting point before you get going.

The Jeju Welcome Center.

You’ll find this center in the nearby Sin Jeju City, which is a short taxi ride and under 10 minutes from the airport. A bus service is also available, yet a taxi is better for convenience.

This is the Jeju Welcome Center building that was built in a unique and beautiful way.




The reason we recommend visiting here is that you’ll be able to get maps, books, and first-hand knowledge from our tourism advisors. You’ll also be able to get the My Jeju, My Way guidebook free of charge.

The tourism information will be available in your language and after you’ll be able to travel Jeju Island more wisely.



Be sure to check about tours, accommodation, and experience programs too.

Jeju Tourism can recommend activities depending on the weather conditions as well.

Once you’ve filled your hands with information head to Caffe Welcome for a coffee. Take a while to sift through everything you have. Pop back to ask a question or two if needed.

You can also go up to the second floor, which has a tour promotion hall, experience program information, and a virtual experience.

The third and fourth floors have tourism organization offices, but you can go there to admire the view of nearby oreums(extinct parasitic volcanoes) and Halla Mountain in the distance.

So at the start of your Jeju Island trip make a visit to Jeju Welcome Center. You’ll be better equipped for your adventure.

JEJU TOURISM ORGANIZATION   jeju tourism organization   How to Get Here

OPEN 9am – 6pm

TELEPHONE: +82-64-740-6000

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