[Jeju_FOOD] Sampling Jeju’s fresh seafood with mackerel sashimi

Heo Young-man is a famous comic strip artist in South Korea and is known for the food-based comic Sikgaek(Le Grand Chef) that was also turned into a movie.


허영만작가의 식객


Mackerel is an ordinary person’s food, so it was introduced in this comic strip and you can get mackerel all year round on Jeju Island.

It is also known as the ‘barley of the ocean’ because it has plenty of nutrients.

Mackerel is raised in natural conditions via fish farms in the ocean and makes a good, chubby, appearance at the market.

Autumn is a good time to eat it, yet next to the beach at a coastal restaurant at the end of a summer day is good too.




Only live mackerel can be used for the sashimi, so at dawn the fishermen go out to the ocean to get the catch. Actually mackerel used for this will be 20-30cm long. Smaller than those used for the stew. They will be slimmer too.

The catch is then kept in a tank. It cannot live for more than one day there.

When the mackerel is served you’ll know it is fresh if it is chewy. If it is not fresh it will be mushy.

For sashimi we use chogochujang, but for mackerel sashimi a combination of ground garlic, pepper power, and soy sauce.



As mentioned above, it is best to enjoy mackerel sashimi near the ocean or looking at an oreum(extinct parasitic volcano) with a sunset in the distance.

Check out the Dongmun Market seafood section where you can make a purchase and then take it to where you please.


28. 협재 해변에서의 저녁노을



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