[Jeju_HIDDEN VIEW] The Dumaegi Alley and Garden of Memories



The Jeju government is trying to share less well-known views and hidden locations that aren’t included in the usual Jeju Island tour itineraries. This is also something we want to do here on the Jeju Tourism Blog, so for this post we’re going to introduce a pretty Jeju City alley way that is full of art and murals for people of all ages.

It is the Dumaegi Alley.

Let’s find out a little more about the origins.

This area of Jeju City has remained an undeveloped neighborhood and as it was in old times. So in 2008 the Jeju government began a project of revitalization with a contest for suitable wall paintings.

In the first half of 2009 the second part of the project began when Jeju university students drew more.

By July 2009 the alley was completed enough  to become designated one of the 31 hidden views on the island. On from that in December 2009 many elementary school children entered their pictures too.




Visitors can draw some comparisons with Ihwa Mural Village (Korean blog photographs), but where does the name for this alley come from?

It was spoken by a man who has lived in the area for 40 years during an interview about the alley.

There is also another name we use: Garden of Memories.

That’s because many of the mural art works represent old Korean cartoons. These cartoons will evoke many memories for those that pass through.

Dooly, Hui Dong Ei, Douner, Ddochi and Black Rubber Shoes are some of the cartoon characters there.

There will also be drawings of traditional children’s games that Koreans would have played when they were younger.


Looking at the pictures here and there is a fun time. It is a fun photo zone for those who love to take photos.

The children who read comic books will enjoy the area too.

When the school children who have their art on display grow up and take a stroll here with their families what will they think?

The Dumaegi Alley or Garden of Memories is worthy of its designation as a Jeju hidden view.

When you plan Jeju Island trip think about including it in your itinerary for a short walk!

Click for Location Map


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