[Jeju_NATURE] Saryeoni Forest with the Jeju City Tour Bus

Saryeoni Forest is one place we want to recommend on the Jeju Tourism Blog. However, getting there is a bit difficult without a car or scooter.

So for this post we’re going to introduce a convenient way to visit without a car or scooter.

Enter the Jeju City Tour Bus.

While the tour buses in Seoul and Busan run within the city are only, the Jeju bus goes to the outskirts and slopes of Halla Mountain.

There are some most beautiful places there. Including Saryeoni Forest.

Originally the Jeju City Tour Bus was a trial until last year and from April 2014 it became an official fixture on the island.

During the trial period many riders gave feedback. How can the service be improved? What should be done differently? Changes were made to make the tour more comfortable.

The Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal is the starting location for the tour bus. It will go to the main attractions, port, traditional markets, airport, and museums.

In all there are 19 stops on the route.

Visitors can start on the bus at 8am and go on to 5pm.

There is a A Course and B Couse (from across the street). Both take 1 hour 40 minutes if you don’t get off.

And the cost of this? 5,000 WON for the whole day. The ticket you purchase can also be used on other government buses (painted in a light blue style with a large stone grandfather on the side).


Ticket Price

5,000 WON

Start Time – Finish Time

08:00 – 17:00

A Course (directly in front of bus terminal)

09:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 17:00

B Course (across street from bus terminal)

08:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 15:00


Shall we get going to Saryeoni Forest with the Jeju City Tour Bus?

Be sure to pick up a leaflet about the tourist attractions from inside the bus. You can plan your trip while you are sitting down.

This is the interior. It is kept clean for a pleasant trip. Here’s the ticket too.

Welcome to Saryeoni Forest.

There will be quite a few white and silver rental cars which detracts from the view at first. Don’t worry. Slip inside the entrance. The trees start to come back at an average altitude of 550m. Look for hornbean, snowbell, cypress, and cedar trees.

The forest itself is not ruined, so proper eco-healing can be experienced here.

The more you walk the more healing you’ll feel. Green travel makes the mind and body relaxed.

Many families choose to walk at Saryeoni Forest.

Here and there in the middle there are signs to check your location.

Alas you won’t be able to visit Mulchat Oreum until June 2015 as it is under protection. However, the Jeju government likes to keep extending this deadline so it might well be 2016.

Images of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden or Life in the Woods are also conjured up at one part of the forest.

Cypress trees that grow up to the sky look fantastic. The best place for meditation.

So Saryeoni Forest and its walking trail is another location to include in your Jeju Island trip. Be sure to use the Jeju City Tour Bus to help you get there.




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