[Jeju_SPORTS] Surfing – Enjoying leisure sports on Jeju Island



The best place for surfing in South Korea is on Jeju Island.

Jeju is surrounded by the ocean and is influenced by a variety of currents making it ideal for the sport.

Surfing started back on the Polynesian island of Tahiti before moving over to Hawaii. Then from 1920 the Olympic gold medalist, Duke Kahanamoku, popularized the sport via his surfing around Waikiki Beach.

It is now a leisure sport enjoyed all over the world.

However, the first surfing club only arrived on Jeju in 1995 at Jungmun Beach.

Of course this beach is still famous for surfing and is the location for many international competitions. Yet there are other locations too.


Sagye Beach

This beach has special waves at low tides making it a good spot for surfers.


Woljeong Beach (click for info)

A ‘hot’ and popular place on Jeju at the moment. The emerald coloured ocean has waves and a row of pretty cafe eateries to enjoy afterwards.


Iho Tewoo Beach (click for info)

This is the closest beach to Jeju City and Jeju International Airport. It is easy to access with availability in the winter months.

But what if you don’t have surfing equipment or experience?

Friendly surfing schools conveniently cater for beginners.


Name Address Contact Telephone Number

Web Site

Blue Wave Scuba

더 블루웨이브 서핑스쿨

Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sagye-ri 2977-1

서귀포시 안덕면 사계리 2977-1010-4890-1987​http://cafe.naver.com/bluewavescuba

Noriter Surf School

노리터 서핑스쿨

Jeju-si, Iho-1-dong 1792


제주시 이호1동 1792010-3696-6974


Jeju Surf

제주 서핑스쿨​

Seogwipo-si, Jungmun-dong, 2081-5


서귀포시 중문동 2081-5010-7275-2725


Javalon Surfing School

자바론 서핑스쿨

Seogwipo-si, Saekdal-dong, 3039


서귀포시 색달동 3039​010-3315-2180


JJ Surfing

제이제이 서핑스쿨

Seogwipo-si, Saekdal-dong, 3039


서귀포시 색달동 3039010-9790-0979 , 010-3691-0325​



바구스 서핑스쿨

Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sagye-ri


서귀포시 안덕면 사계리010-8661-9437


Jeju Jock Surfing


제주자크 서핑스쿨Seogwipo-si, Hahyo-dong, 140

서귀포시 하효동 140010-9885-6386​


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