[Jeju_MARKET] Dongmun Market on a Jeju Island rainy day

If the rain falls on Jeju where can we go?

Do not worry. There are plenty of places including Dongmun Market.

There are traditional, seafood, housewares and clothing sections for any visitor to explore. It is best if you have a walk around once. Then go again. That’s because you’ll find another alleyway to go down.

Check out the fresh seafood and fruit products. The smells are so good. Tangerines and apple-mango are some of the fruits on sale.

If you don’t fancy the fruit then pick up a chocolate tangerine box. This is one of the Jeju souvenirs sold here.

In the traditional market section visitors have to try and get a discount. That’s a fun part of any market experience – having a haggle with the merchant.

This is the Dongmun Market seafood section full of fresh fish. At a glance galchi is available with a cheap price tag. Jari(damsel fish), okdom(tile fish), and godeungeo(mackerel) are there too.

Actually visitors can pick up a tray of sashimi. Take it back to your accommodation or even sit next to the ocean.

Nowadays omegi rice cake is a ‘hot’ product on Jeju Island.

Omegi is a Jeju dialect phrase for the glutinous millet that forms the basis for making the snack. Add in wild mugwort with sweet red bean and we have the finished product that is popular with women. People make a queue for the omegi rice cakes as seen in the first image underneath.

If we walk around Dongmun Market there are other snacks too. More street food. The price is low.

The tteokbokki and hotteok are delicious as seen in the last two images below. The sweetness of hotteok gives us a burst of energy for continuing a browse.

Dongmun Market can be a refreshing change from the past for some visitors who are more accustomed to the big box super markets of modern life. Dongmun Market is also a good place to get to know the life of Jeju’s residents.

As there is a roof rainy days are not a problem.

Plus it is held every day, so if you can’t visit a 5 day market then the convenience is ideal.

We hope this story serves as a good little introduction to Dongmun Market. The best thing to do is just get stuck in and explore yourself.

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