[Jeju_MUSEUM] Jeju Museum of Art – A rainy day attraction

These days on Jeju Island the weather is changing a lot. In one day it’ll rain in the morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon or vice-versa. This in turn creates a bit of a headache for a visitor. What should they do given the temperamental nature of the island’s weather system?

Today’s posting will introduce the Jeju Museum of Art on the outskirts of Jeju City. Good for a rainy day adventure when the weather is looking dubious.

It is also a place where artists work breathes with life.

The building’s exterior looks quite unique. The mix of exposed concrete and water conjures images of work by the Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. A rainy day makes it look like the building is floating.

On the way in you can meet sculptures easily enough. The rain had stopped briefly for the sculptures in these photographs. A view of the oreum appeared behind.

Recent exhibitions included Ready, Action in the Citizens Gallery. However, this finished on Aug. 31.

Until Sept. 14 the Time of Resonance exhibition will run, which is a commemoration marking the museum’s fifth anniversary since opening. This can be found in the Special Exhibition Hall.

The first floor contains this Special Exhibition Hall, the Chang Ree-suok Hall, an auditorium, Citizen’s Gallery, seminar room, art and science research room, and a museum shop.

Up on the second floor you have the Permanent Exhibition Hall and Outdoor Gallery.

Here is the introduction to the Time of Resonance exhibition:

Jeju Museum of Art is holding an exhibition entitled Time of Resonance to celebrate its fifth anniversary as part of an effort to reinterpret and popularize abstruse contemporary art, calling for discourse and thoughts in a new way. The exhibition Time of Resonance is intended to explore various phenomena of contemporary art and, consequently, highlight trends and discourse of contemporary art through quality works of popular artists. Through the history of art, traditional arts like paintings and sculptures have been worshiped as having the absolute values of beauty and sublimity. However, after Marcel Duchamp appeared in the 1910s, new forms and contents of art emerged as pop arts in the 1960s, Concept Art, Fluxus and others followed. The exhibition’s main concept, resonance is, defined in physics as “the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others.” This concept is a symbol for contemporary art seeking new domains previously thought impossible, as contemporary art has rapidly become more complex and genre deconstruction has progressed. This exhibition is an opportunity to examine the present status of contemporary art, which has kept exploring new domains beyond the borders of opposing concepts, such as time and space, past and future, plane and solid, art and daily life, eternity and impermanence. The twelve artists, including Ko Younghoon, Lee Kangso, Moon Beom, Kim Hong Joo, Kong Sung-Hun, Lee Sookyung, Oh Inwhan, Jung Yongsung, Chung Suejin represent different generations and approaches, thus showing various movements of contemporary art expanding into diverse fields. Filled with the boundless imagination of artists, this exhibition will bring momentum to understanding contemporary art. It is a meaningful opportunity to easily approach the density of contemporary art through appreciation of works resonating this epoch of ours.


When Jeju Tourism visited the Ready, Action exhibition was still taking place that saw both the artists and viewers make art together. Taking photos was not permitted, but we did mange to get one from by the entrance of the jumping island pictured below.

Kids jumped in the foot print shapes and on the screen cute characters appeared according to the kid’s movements.

The second floor has the museum’s permanent displays.

Before heading out the door the museum shop has various items on sale including scented Hallabong(orange) candles and horse shaped dolls. A nice gift to take away with you?

Then there is also a museum cafe for sipping a coffee in.

The Jeju Museum of Art is a place to enjoy a rainy day and have a cultural stroll at a leisurly pace when the weather is in a dubious mood.


Opening Hours

9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (July ~ September: 9:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM)

Ticket Purchases

9:00 AM ~ 30 minutes before closing

Guided Tours (Korean)

11:00 AM – 15:00 PM


Adult 1,000 WON / 700 WON (group)

Teenager / Military 500 WON / 300 WON (group)

Child  300 WON / 200 WON (group)

Further Information including location map: http://jmoa.jeju.go.kr/index.php/eng


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