[Jeju_MARKET] Seogwipo Olle Market open all day every day

The Seogwipo Olle Market is one of the island’s representative traditional markets.

It is not only enjoyed by residents in downtown Seogwipo. Visitors also enjoy the farm produce, seafood, and many other items on sale.

There are some 500 stores in total and around 1,000 car parking spaces giving you some sense of just how big this place is. Actually it is the biggest market in the Seogwipo area of the island.

The arcade covered section is 620m long, which opens and closes as needed. In comes fresh air on a summer day or a pleasant shopping experience on a rainy day.


Location: Seogwipo-si, Seogwi-dong 277-1 (제주특별자치도 서귀포시, 서귀-동 277-1)

Telephone: 064-762-1949

Opening Times: 7am – 9pm (summer) and 7am – 8pm (winter) | no breaks for national holidays

As soon as you enter the market a friendly feeling envelops you. The arcade adds a feeling that is clean and well maintained. Travelers will find a market that retains a sense of  tradition with modern facilities. Chinese tourists enjoy coming here.

Yet the real charm of the market is interaction. The fun of getting a discount and the personal kindness of the merchants selling their wares.

Here is galchi(hairtail fish), one of Jeju Island’s special products. It is quite large and shining.

Next to the galchi is jeonbok(abalone). That is good for the body and is very tasty.

A side dish store has many things on sale.

Get a few souvenirs too like a stone grandfather or tangerine chocolates.

Now to the real Jeju fruits such as tangerines, cheonyehyang, hwanggeumhyang followed by mangos and kiwis. Fruit from the mainland like apples, pears, peaches are on display.

Finally drop by the Jeju Olle Trail information center. The founder’s mother is usually there dispensing guides and souvenirs. Route 6(A) goes right through the middle. You can get a stamp for your Olle passport.

Seogwipo Olle Market has various things to buy, eat, see, and do. Stop by if you are passing through the area. It’s open every day and open for any weather with its covered roof.


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