[Jeju_TRAVEL] Udo Island – Perfect for cycling on an island within an island

* This story was originally penned in Korean by Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel writer and blogger

Udo Island is another ‘hot’ destination these days on Jeju.

Udo’s meaning is derived from the Chinese letter for cow and the island itself looks like a cow lying down. It has spectacular natural views and white sandy beaches. This makes the place loved by many people.

For this post I’m going to specifically introduce my experience cycling around the island.

Let’s get started.

The ferry from Seongsan Harbour is 5,500 WON (return) and the ferry runs often enough. Your bicycle can go for free if you bring one with you (rentals are also possible upon arrival).

After going through the cool Jeju air and sea you’ll get to Udo.

I felt a strange nervousness. My heart fluttered. Childhood memories of visiting the island with family came back to me.

This then gave way to a feeling of friendliness as I met others going for a cycle on Udo too. They took a photo for new memories. I found out they want to settle down here and I wonder what the couple are doing now. How did that turn out?

In this photograph we see parents watching their kids running on the beach and having fun with their friends.

It was a moment like a piece of art to see the views here and there. Cycling slowly through was beautiful.

This is the real charm of cycling I think. When you go too fast you miss the beauty of things.

One of the island’s special products is the ppul sora(murex, conch). There is a sculpture dedicated to it and there is a festival held every year in its honor. Alas the 2014 festival had already passed, so I’ll be going next year.

Even slower than cycling is Jeju Olle Trail. Route 1-1 threads its way around Udo. I passed by many on the trail who all said ‘hi’. Next time they want to take a bike they said to me. Cycling saves time.

Finally I got around to seeing Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Others took photographs.

For me Udo is like a small Jeju Island. There are the aforementioned white sandy beaches, great cliffs, and caves.

There are actually 8 places of outstanding beauty here, which I’ll post about in the future.

On the way back to the ferry terminal I found piles upon piles of stones on top of each other. People constructed these. Then they made a wish. I too built a small stack wishing for a smooth year.

Many thoughts swam around me while taking the ferry back to Seongsan. Does life go by too quickly and am I missing many things? Arriving at the harbour I brightened up and I’d had a good time cycling on Udo.

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