[Jeju_TRAVEL] The cliffs of Gaetkkak Jusangjeolli are one of Jeju Island’s secret attractions


For this post I traveled to another of Jeju’s hidden places, Gaetkkak Jusangjeolli, in Seogwipo. This place is less famous than the popular and touristy Jusangjeolli rock formations at the edge of Jungmun Resort.

So let’s get on and meet Gaetkkak Jusangjeolli along Jeju Olle Trail Route 8.

The path to get there is a little tough so walk slowly. Don’t go in a hurry.  You can view the cliffs from afar or get up close. That’s something you can’t do at Jungmun’s Jusangjeolli.

Do you know the TV drama Chuno(Slave Hunters)? This part below is named deulleongwe and is famous for the drama. I was kind of scared, so I couldn’t go in.




The stones in the area have also become round after years of erosion by waves. We say people become round by the years of life. They become gentle as the grow up. This location shows the characteristics of a volcanic island growing up.

The blue ocean goes well with the coastline in harmony.

If you take a good look at these photographs you can see the squirrel cave. People here found pieces of pottery from the tamnaguk era. That’s very rare.


When I visited Gaetkkak Jusangjeolli only one other couple were nearby. This led to a peaceful healing feeling.

The stone column pillars go into the sky with sunset.

Why didn’t I visit earlier?

Visit earlier yourself by including this secret Jeju attraction in your travel itinerary.


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