[Jeju_TRAVEL] Handam Coastal Walk in Aewol

– Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel diarist was out on his island travels again and sent this story –


Handam is considered one of the 31 hidden secrets of Jeju Island.

It is a place loved because it is a coastal walk suitable for all the family. The course is only 1.2km in length one way so you can just enjoy the stroll without spending much energy.

The area is also spattered with good cafes, good restaurants, and good accommodation. Take your pick from those at the start of the course or walk on to Gwakji Beach at the end for more.

It’s good to count Handam in with your Jeju Island travel plan.

There is a stone sign carved here marking the start and introducing Jang Han-cheol. This famous resident was born in the area during the Joseon Dynasty. He tried to go to Hanyang, the old name for Seoul, to take a tough government test to become a civil servant. Yet his ship was blown off course and he ended up in Okinawa instead before coming back. Jang’s diary from this journey is still with us today and is a special Jeju cultural heritage (No. 27).

Residents are proud of this and made the sign in recognition and named the walking course after him.

The path itself twists and turns much like Jang’s journey below the stone walls and cliffs. Look out to the ocean. It is Jeju’s beauty on both sides.

Tourists and locals with families walk together.

Now we get to a small beach. It’s really good to see. Kids will enjoy swimming here.

Next is the wild flower garden with over 30 kinds to look at.

Go slowly, leisurely, and enjoy the walk.

You feel like you’re taking a break from busy every day life and getting healthier at the same time.

Going there around sunset is a top recommendation. Remember to bring the family too.

This was the Handam Coastal Walk in Aewol.

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