[Jeju_TRAVEL] Enter the dragon at Jeju Island’s Yongmeori Coast

– Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel diarist was out on his island travels again and sent this story –

The Yongmeori Coast rises sharply out of the ocean and looks like a dragon jumping up and then back down into the water. Thus we have the name Dragon’s Head Coast in English.

This coast jutting out into the ocean is millions of years old.  Sand also accumulated and slowly turned into rock creating uneven layers for visitors to explore. Then there are sea caves and a variety of views, which draw many people each year.

All of this has happened under the giant shadow of Sanbang Mountain in the background.

On the day I visited the weather was as clear as a summer’s day despite autumn being firmly on the way.

Having Sanbang Mountain behind you during the walk makes the area so beautiful. It’s not easy to describe the beauty and I really love this place.

On top of this the Yongmeori Coast along with Sanbang Mountain is a UNESCO Geopark site, so they have both been recognized as places of worth throughout the world.

The area can be preserved, but also promoted as an active tourist spot to help with resident income.

So in total Jeju has nine Geopark sites including Halla Mountain, Sunrise Peak, Manjanggul Cave, Seogwipo Stratum, Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jusangjeolli Cliffs and Suweolbong.

We will go to these sites at a later date. Don’t worry.

Coming back to the Yongmeori Coast I found out it was made up to 2 million years ago during a hydro volcanic explosion. Unbelievably this area is older than Halla Mountain.

After the walking was done I finished up in a nearby cafe making plans for the next Jeju Island location to visit.


Yongmeori Coast is pretty much an essential place to see on Jeju Island, so make sure to work it into your travel plan.

Plus the admission fee is very small. Adults are 2,000 WON, youths, 1,000 WON, and children 1,000 WON.

– Further information can be found here –

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