[Jeju_FESTIVAL] Looking back on the 2014 Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival

– Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel diarist was out on his island travels again and sent this story –

The Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival was held in Seogwipo this past October under the theme ‘Life is Art’ with  many performances and exhibitions.

I dropped by on October 26. At that time there was a lot going on at the Seogwipo Everyday Olle Market.

The market has about 500 stores in total with a 60 year history. It is the market to visit in the Seogwipo area.

I was excited to see what kind of performances would be held. Many others dropped on in including residents and tourists.

The place was active.

As soon as I entered I met this woman who looks unique and is not normal. She walked with bare-feet in a funny performance.

This person was in yellow performing while filming himself with a smart phone.

It was good to see the merchants joining in, so I got stuck in too.

Here another group caught attention with beautiful movement and music. Everyone glanced their way.

Art soaked into life.

Now there was a picture drawing experience.

As you can see there were a variety of performances with the theme ‘Life is Art’.

Maybe some were difficult for us to understand, but after taking a while to look you could get the gist.

Good performances made the traditional market more active.

All had a good time and I’m hoping the festival can go ahead next year.

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