[Jeju_TRAVEL] Another hidden view at Songdang Bonhyangdang

– Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel diarist was out on his island travels again and sent this story –

Jeju is an island so people have had to live fighting with the limits of nature and tough waves. They also want health for their family members in these tough conditions.

That is why so many folk religions and shrines like bonhyangdang, pojedang, jeonyeodang, mireukdang, haesindang remain on Jeju until this day.

For this post I’m going specifically to Songdang Bonhyangdang.

On the day I went there was not a cloud in the sky. The soil and trees felt homely.

This is where you go to bonhyangdang.

Inside there is a stone altar, so there was a feeling of disappointment at what exactly there is to see. However, there is an explanation board in English.Actually the month of January is the best time to see something more as the special rites are performed here.Each Jeju village has its own god that takes care of births and deaths. This particular god was called bonhyangsin. Thus the shrine gains its name.

Villagers pray for peace and no trouble.Songdang is one of the main places out of the 18,000 gods on the island.To be honest I didn’t know Jeju had this type of place.

Plus the nearby Dang Oreum can be added in to extend the experience further.



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