[Jeju_TRAVEL] Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium

– Our Korean diarist has been visiting attractions around the island and sent in this post –


The Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium is a place worth visiting on the island. Especially so because there are not many things to do on Jeju at night. Therefore it is a popular place with tourists and residents.

Outside the building there is a space-type design that is intended to stimulate the imagination of kids. The entrance was also bigger than I thought.

Inside you’ll find a science and cultural area dedicated to educating young people about space. The first and second floor exhibition halls are large too with divisions into different space themes. I enjoyed the horoscope section and learning about my fortune.

Then you can find out how much you would weigh on Mars and Jupiter. Again kids will have an educational curiosity feeling. It’s a fun colorful place to study.

Look below for the 4D theatre timetable.

In this virtual reality you can experience sight, hearing, and sound more perfectly. Plus there is a 431 inch wide, round, curved screen that adds to a feeling of immersion.

A total of 48 visitors with 2 separate disabled seats can watch at one time.

This show is made possible by 2 full HD projectors with 5.1 surround sound and 6 speakers.

For some it could really feel like you’re flying through space.

However, for many the main highlight of a visit are the telescopes for watching the night sky.

In the main observation room there is a 600mm Cassegrain reflecting telescope for really getting closer with space.

In the secondary observatory room there is one 80mm refracting telescope and one 157mm refracting telescope. There are a further five 200mm reflecting pieces and another 200mm catadioptric piece.

At night you can also see planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. A group of stars display as a jewelry box and a nebular, which is like a space cloud, is on view.

The best time to see the moon is between the 2nd and 17th in the lunar calendar.

It was my first time to watch the sky like this and I was very surprised by how big everything was.

Maybe a full moon will be even more special.

The view on earth out to Jeju City is pretty good too actually. That’s because the location is higher up on the mountain. You can see Jeju City at a glance.

The weather also helped for good pictures.

So the Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium is a great place to visit if you’re looking to do something at night on the island.



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