[Jeju_TRAVEL] The Eongal Coast

– Our Korean diarist has been visiting attractions around the island and sent in this post –

Today I visited the Eongal Coast, which is one of Jeju Island’s 31 hidden views. It is the coastal road near Suweolbong and in front of Chagwido.

Actually this place isn’t that famous yet, so you can enjoy the area with few other visitors.

You can also enjoy small interesting things to see here and there.

From the port catch the boat to Chagwido too.

But let’s get walking.

The trail goes down the Eongal coast road where mother nature has, until recent times, shaped a steep cliff without a human’s touch.

I wish I could take this type of walking trail everyday in my life.

However, if you do keep walking you do arrive at some man-made caves.

These are left over from the Pacific War and the Japanese occupation of the island.

You can find similar caves at Gama Oreum and near Sanbangsan.

They are the scars on Jeju’s nature by a sad history.

This walk is also on Jeju Olle Trail Route 12, so you can include Eongal if you’re on that for the day.

Looking at Chagwido from low on the coast makes it sit beautifully in the water. It’s like you can reach out and touch it.

The Eongal Coast provides top views, a short walk, and a step back into Jeju’s history for any visitor that makes the effort to stop by.


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