[Jeju_HIKING] Jeju Olle Trail Route 17

– By our Korean travel diarist –

Welcome to Jeju Olle Trail Route 17 which runs from Gwangnyeong 1-ri Office to Dongmun Rotary in Jeju City.

This route is of medium difficulty and should take a walker around 6 hours to complete.

Departing from Gwangnyeong the stress and worries of life start to disappear.

Then walk on to the picturesque stream of Weoldae Oedo and Aljakji Coast with its stone pebble beach.

There’s a secluded view to be had here considering its proximity to downtown Jeju. Plus the sound of the stones being thrown around by the incoming ocean even adds to a sense of peacefulness.

Next is Iho Beach which is good to visit any time.

In the distance you’ll spy the horse-shaped lighthouses known as Mokmadeung. They are fast becoming a popular place for photographs during a Jeju trip.

Dodubong appears and a short climb takes you to the top with great views of the surrounding area including the airport.

As the city approaches Dragon’s Head Rock and Yongyeon Bridge offer more sites to see.

Though some might consider the coastal road monotonous it does have lots of cozy places to eat and drink coffee.

The city itself bursts with more Jeju culture and history at the old seat of island government – Mokgwana.

Into the biggest open market, Dongmun Market, the walker will go before finishing at Sanjicheon Square.

Jeju Olle Trail Route 17 passes over 8 bridges and a few outdoor natural springs from Halla Mountain.

It is one of the good walking trails for experiencing the life of old Jeju residents and new Jeju residents.

Route 17 Official Information


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