[Jeju_TRAVEL] Jeju Olle Trail Route 18

– Sent in by our Jeju Tourism travel diarist –



Jeju Olle Trail’s Route 18 starts out in the heart of Jeju City at Dongmun Rotary and continues on to the countryside setting of Jocheon.

It was the 23rd route made by the foundation out of 26 having two oreums to climb about 40 minutes after beginning.

These oreum jewels are Sarabong and Byeoldobong.

Actually Sarabong is not a difficult climb, so many tourists stop by as do local residents. With the cooler weather people still come to exercise.

The oreum has a good view over Jeju City, Halla Mountain, and the ocean. At a glance the harbour appears too.

Sarabong’s extra features include silvergrass which looks good on the way down. There’s a blessing to be had on this Olle route in the urban area.

I felt like something sticking in my mind had dissipated. The stress of life disappears. It is a good oreum for healing.

Continue along the coast through Hwabuk-dong and Samyang Beach to see the ancient 5-storey stone pagoda of Wondangsa.

Then the old path to Sincheon is walked upon. It was used in olden-times for those on their way pay respects to elders who have passed away in the area.

The sky looks even more beautiful in this area with nature. I lost my mind within the view.

Time slipped by very quickly.

Listening to music helped this mood and was very thought-provoking.

Then on came my slow music. Upon reaching the ocean I pulled out the earphones to listen to the sound. The same whenever I climbed a hill.

The moment when music and nature become one is good too.

Jeju Olle Trail Route 18 is Jeju’s natural gift that moves us.


Jeju Olle Trail Route 18 Official Site (click top right to change to English)


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