Olle Walking Festival on October 30 and 31, 2015

Olle Walking Festival kicked off this year on October 30 and ended on October 31.


The event started with opening words by Governor Won of Jeju and music and dancing.

DSC00887 DSC00892

Day 1: Olle Course 20 – From Gimnyeong Seongsaegi Beach to Jeju Haenyeo Museum


Our trail has a beautiful view of the ocean and the powerful wind turbines.

The hike was slow along this point because a lot of people can’t help but pause to take pictures of the beautiful silver grass (oksae 억새).


This grandfather was part of a group that wore traditional Korean clothes while walking.


These are Jeju wishing rocks, a part of the local tradition where people stack rocks on top of each other while making wishes.

As we walk, we can feel the cool wind and see the blueness of the sky reflected in the water.


DSC00947Participants celebrate as they reach a checkpoint.

Woljeongri Beach is another beautiful stop along Olle Trail 20.

The end point for this Olle Trail is the Haenyeo Museum. On October 30 and 31, KOREAT hosted their 50 Food Truck event at the museum. The top 50 KOREAT restaurants presented their special dishes as tapas for 5,000 won a plate.

Besides delicious food, there are also different booths selling Jeju products, and even an event promoting Scott towels with games and activities.

Day 2: Course 21 from Jeju Haenyeo Museum to Jongdal Badang


We hope you enjoyed this year’s Jeju Olle Walking Festival. We look forward to having you join us next year!

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