3 Must-Visit Cafes with Ocean View in Jeju

We are starting our series on lists of cool things and places to see in Jeju.

Kicking off is the 3 cafes that you should check out in Jeju for their ocean view, in no particular order.

Cafe #1: Seoyeon’s House Cafe

Location: Wimi (south coast of Jeju)


Special Note: This was where Architecture 101 was filmed, starring Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga-In, Bae Suzy, and Lee Je-hoon.


Looking out the windows of Seoyeon’s House, you can see the beautiful ocean.

First floor window view
Ocean view from the second floor veranda

The cafe has two floors, both of which has seating areas where you can enjoy coffee with your lover at a small table, read a book by the window, or chat with a group of friends.

DSC03834 DSC03849

Throughout the cafe are pictures of the Architecture 101 movie and their cast.

DSC03812 DSC03844

There is a variety of beverages for a decent price.


For directions to this cafe and pictures of the stars at the press interview, check out our earlier blog here.


Cafe #2: Monsant Cafe

Location: Aewol

Special note: The owner is rumored to be G-Dragon of Big Bang. When we asked the worker, they said that they could not confirm who the cafe owner is.


Looking out the glass windows, you can see the ocean. There are also coffee tables right outside of the cafe so you can feel the ocean breeze.


KakaoTalk_김용섭 씨_November 16, 2015KakaoTalk_김용섭 씨_November 16, 2015 (1)

Inside, the decor has a rustic feel to it.

DSC01536 DSC01540

There are beverages and light food offerings on the menu. The special drink is the Shakerato, a strong espresso drink in really cool glass.

DSC01554 DSC01565

The price is a little expensive, but coffee prices in Korea tends to be similar to Starbuck’s.


For directions on how to get there, check out our blogpost here.


Cafe #3: Woljeongri Lowa Cafe

Location: Woljeongri

DSC00997 DSC00998

Special note: This cafe is along Olle Trail 20 and sits right by the ocean.


First floor view


Entering the cafe, you’re welcome to fruit-infused water. Walking a little further in, you’ll see a small room that has a glass roof. If you go upstairs, it opens to the roof where you can sit outside and enjoy your drink.

DSC00988 DSC00981


The menu consists of different beverages and dessert.


For directions and more information on Lowa cafe, check out our blog post here.

We hope you enjoyed this post on the 3 must-visit cafes in Jeju for their ocean view. Comment and let us know what you think. Like us on Facebook to get updates about other events and places in Jeju.

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