KCON2015 in Jeju: Convention Review

KCON was held in Korea for the first time on November 6 & 7, 2015. The program includes a free Convention and a special Concert.

Let’s take a look at all the fun events at the Convention.

There were different booths promoting different Korean and Jeju brands and products.

You can play games and win snacks and other prizes. They were also giving away free food, make-up lessons, and skincare products.

For the Convention Stage, we had kpop artists came and perform: DAY6, Park Boram, Paloalto, Oh My Girl, Sonamoo, Mamamoo, Poten, and Roy Kim.

Besides kpop stars, we had a dance cover performance by cute little Na Eun, a Get It Beauty session, and even a mini-singing contest.

In the plaza area, there were booths that showcased Jeju products.

There was also special stage where the you can attend the Hi-Touch event and interact with your favorite artists. Park Boram even gave out peppero to the fans who came to see her.

We hope you enjoyed looking back at KCON in Jeju this year through our blog. We posted several fancam videos on our Facebook Page, so check it out! We’ll be posting a review blog for the KCON concert soon.

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