Jusangjeolli Cliff: Autumn 2015

There is nothing that represents Jeju better than the majestic views of nature. Today I would like to invite you to explore Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff (대포주상절리대) in Seogwipo City.


Jusangjeollidae, Natural Monument No. 443, is an impressive rock pillar formed by basaltic lava. The hexagonal rock formation stacks up like giant stairs, so geometrically carved that they look hand-made. Many have compared Jusangjeollidae to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Located in Jungmun, it is best to go by car because public transportation would require a lot of walking. Once you arrived, you can buy your ticket at the ticket office. The general admission fee is 2,000 Won. It is free for Jeju residents, children 6 and under, and elders over 65.



On the way to the observation platform, you will see a small rest area with restroom facilities.

As you walk closer to the cliff, there will be a wooden staircase that leads to an observation platform. You can see the cliff from different angles on this walkway.

On a calm day, you can see the waves gently lapping at the edge of Jusangjeolli Cliff. When the tide is high, waves can leap up to 20 meters high.

Walking down the wooden steps, people can throw coins on the rocks to make a wish.


Looking towards the sea, one can’t help but be enchanted by the glow of the golden sun. The small sailboat makes me feel as if it can take me anywhere, even to imaginary places.


After you have feasted your eyes Jusangjeolli Cliff, also called Jisatgae Rock, you can enjoy snacks and tangerine juice, or buy Jeju souvenirs at the entrance plaza.

Since you’re already in Seogwipo, you may want to visit Cheonjeyeon Falls as well. Or enjoy a nice brunch at Soul Kitchen.


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