Joanne Bear Museum in Jeju

One is never too old for teddy bears, especially for these beautiful handmade ones  at Joanne Bear Museum.


Joanne Bear Museum is in Seogwipo City, about 5 minutes away from the Jeju International Convention Center by car.

Address: 1959 Daepo-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do


This museum is unique because it not only showcases beautifully crafted teddy bears, but also the life and work of the artist, Joanne Oh. All of her creations are handmade! You can read more about Joanne here.

The general admission fee is 5,000Won. If you have a Jeju resident card, you will get a 1,000Won discount.


Joanne Bear Museum is set in a two-story house, with individual rooms that display different types of plush bears. Joanne uses a loom to make her own fabric and natural ingredients to dye her bears.

Joanne seems to be a fan of Lee Minho! These bears represent scenes from Lee Min Ho’s dramas. Can you identify them?

Joanne also customizes this special bear for famous actor Bae Yong Joon. Doesn’t this look like him in Winter Sonata?


There are photographs on the walls of her Joanne’s special bears and the celebrities who inspired them.


Joanne event created a special bear for US President Barack Obama. President Obama sent her a thank you letter that you can see in the display case. On the right is the bigger version of the Obama bear.

In other areas of the museum, you can see bears in traditional displays as a bridge and groom or as a family. The details are especially noted in the opera-like room where bears are outfitted with traditional costumes of different countries.

On the second floor, you can see that part of the museum’s products supports a charity that works to save polar bears.

For those who love to take pictures with teddy bears, there is a whole area where you can take pictures with giant bears. One one of the bears was featured in Korean drama Paradise Ranch.

In the back of Joanne Bear Museum is a large tangerine orchards. You can enjoy some fresh air as you walk from one exhibit to another.

In the basement is a gift shop and coffee shop. Pictures are not allowed in the gift shop, but you can see that surrounding the cafe are more displays of teddy bears.

As bears greet me hello, they also bid me farewell.

Joanne Bear Museum really stands out as a special bear museum. All the teddy bears are handmade using natural ingredients. Seeing the details and high quality of each creation, one can see the heart and passion of the artist, Joanne Oh. For teddy bear lovers, make sure to visit this museum on your trip to Jeju!

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