Jeju Travel: 3 Must-Try Local Pork Dishes

Pork is delicious and can be eaten in a variety of way. For us, the 3 must-try local pork dishes are listed below.

1. Barbeque pork: black pork, also known as heukdwaeji (흑돼지)

As the name indicates, this pig’s skin is covered with black hair. However, when the meat is cut up and cooked, it looks similar to other pork. But the Jeju black pork is especially tender. A good dipping sauce for heuk-dwaeji is a salty anchovy sauce, which is often cooked in a tin cup on top of the grill.

You can find good black pork restaurants all over Jeju. There is a Heuk-dwaeji (Black Pork) Street located about 200 meters from Jungangro Junction. The owners of these restaurants guarantee that they only sell Jeju’s black pork.

Two popular pork options are samgyeopsal (3-layered pork strips, which means three layers between fat and meat near the ribs) and ogyeopsal (5-layered pork strips, which is samgyeopsal with an extra layer of skin and the layer right under the skin). Koreans generally prefer samgyeopsal, while Jeju people prefer ogyeopsal.

189 Grilled Jeju Black Pig 1

2.Steamed pork: called bossam (보쌈) or dombaegogi (돔배고기) by local Jeju people.

The meat is steamed for a few hours, then sliced into pieces. It is usually eaten with a lettuce wrap and dipping sauce or bean-paste sauce.

You can find several restaurants around Jeju serving this dish. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out 어머니와장독대 (omoni wa jangdokdae) near Jungangro. The address is 제주특별자치도 제주시 중앙로 343.

187 Black Pig Dombae(chapping board) Meat 1

3. Braised pig trotters: pig feet called jok pal (족발) or agangpal (아강발) in the Jeju dialect

This delicacy is pig feet cleaned and braised in a sweet sauce. One can munch on the pig trotters with the bone still attached, or eat it as a wrap with slices of meat inside a piece of lettuce and dipped in sauce.

You can buy pig trotters in restaurants, or at places where they sell rice cakes and blood sausages. It’s a popular local food that can be seen at traditional markets too. Sometimes you can also find food trucks that sell them near apartment complexes.

174 Agangbal(Pigs' Trotters)

We love these three dishes because they are delicious and healthy. You often eat them with lettuce and other Korean side dishes, so you can be full without feeling heavy.

Do you agree with our list? Or do you have any other recommendations? Comment and let us know!


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