Jeju Fire Festival: What and where?

The annual Jeju Fire Festival at Saebyeol Oreum is taking place this weekend!

There is a free shuttle bus from Jeju City and Seogwipo City to the event venue and back. There will be a sign at the bus stop and on the bus indicating that the destination is Jeju Fire Festival.

At the festival venue, there is also a sign to the shuttle bus stop. One goes back to Jeju City, and the other goes back to Seogwipo City.


Once you reach the festival site, there will be a big parking lot with a sign.


On the way to the oreum, the road is lined with tents offering carnival games and food.

Saebyeol Oreum will be lighted up with fire on Saturday evening. Before then, you can get some really good exercise by climbing up this tall oreum! Dress warmly because it is really windy up there.

Throughout the festival,  you can enjoy music and traditional performances, eat delicious food, and see fun competitions, like building a wooden pyre with your team.

You can learn all about the Jeju Fire Festival at the information center.


You can check our blog post for the rest of the festival program.

Hope you will enjoy go to the Jeju Fire Festival this weekend! Even though the weather forecast says that it will rain, the program will continue as scheduled.


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