Jeju Fire Festival 2016: Reliving the Fire Event

The biggest event of the Jeju Fire Festival was on Saturday evening, March 5, Saebyeol Oreum light up with fire.


It was raining all day on Saturday, so the events were moved up about an hour earlier. Volunteers in rain coats got a torch and marched towards Saebyeol Oreum.

First they lit up the giant Daljip (wooden pyre).


Then the rest of Saebyeol Oreum lighted up with fire. There was fireworks as well, but because of the rain and fog, it could not be seen.




Despite of the rain, a lot of people still attended and took pictures near the fire.


Many people had to stay behind the safety line enforced by security.


Due to the weather, there was no laser show this year. But there was a concert to end the night.


The 19th Annual Jeju Fire Festival 2016 officially ended on Sunday, March 6, 2016, with several more activities and events.

We hope you enjoyed the Fire Festival as much as we did! If not, then make sure to attend next year. It is one of the biggest festivals on Jeju, so don’t miss it if you’re on the island.

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