Seogwipo Canola Flower International Walking Festival 2016

The Seogwipo Canola Flower International Walking Festival was a great way to welcome spring and the beautiful canola flowers this past weekend, March 19 -20.


The festival started at the Jeju International Convention Center, where participants could sign up for the event, enjoy music, and even eat a sub where canola is part of the filling.

At the Jeju Tourism Organization booth, one could see Jiomi, the friendly character representing Jeju Geo. If you took a picture of the KSmile flag during your canola trail, you can get an “Eco pot” souvenir to grow your own basil.


There were 3 different walking trails, each starting off at different times: 20km, 10km, and 5km. Each group departed at the same place, but took different paths. However, everyone stopped by the beautiful canola fields near Pacific Land for pictures.

At this picturesque rest area, there were activities for children to make paper canola flowers. The Hallabong and Gamgyul characters greeted all guests. There was room for people to eat, and a lot of beautiful flowers to take pictures with.

At the end of this area is a big field of canola flowers. Many people came here to take pictures.


All walkers would return back to the Jeju International Convention Center after they finish their trails. We were happy to see people from different part of the world, including Russia, China, Japan, and America, participate in this annual Jeju festival!

See you at the next Seogwipo Canola International Walking Festival!


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