Herb Cafe – Herb Burger and Flower Bibimbap

Food at Herb Cafe is not just delicious, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes! If you’re visiting Herb Garden, then be sure to stop by the Herb Cafe for a special treat.


You can enjoy your food while looking out at the garden. Some windows are closed, and some are open to let in the fresh air.


The menu has healthy food and drinks, and it’s best to share with friends.


Today we will introduce two special dish! #1: herb BIG burger


This burger is so big,it can be shared with 3-4 people. And you’ll also need gloves to eat it!


Look at all vegetables inside. Even the meat seems to be mixed with some kind of herbs. Yummy!


#2 is the herb flower bibimbap. It’s a colorful bowl of mixed vegetables and edible flowers. Almost too pretty to eat.


Each bite is a delightful taste of rice and vegetables. Vegetarians, this is calling for you.


There is even seasoned ginseng as a side dish! It’s surprisingly not bitter at all. Do you feel hungry yet? If you’re in Jeju, visit Herb Garden and Herb Cafe for a relaxing and delicious day!


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