Cave Cafe

Jeju summer can get really hot! If you’re looking for a place to cool off, then visit Cave Cafe! There are nine lava tubes around Jeju, but this is the only cave where you can enjoy delicious dessert.


This unique cafe is located at Daheeyeon (Jocheon-eup, Seongryo-ro 117, Jeju-si, Jeju).


After strolling in the heat, you will find that the temperature underground is super cool, maybe even enough to put on a light jacket.


As you walk inside the cave, you can see love vows hanging on the wall with different signatures.


The cafe is really spacious, with wooden tables and a lighted ceiling so that it doesn’t feel gloomy, but cozy.


The best part is the menu! Cave Cafe offers many different green tea drinks and desserts made from organic green tea only.


We were recommended the green tea ice cream and green tea latte.


After a long day, this was the perfect dessert! The green tea ice cream was creamy and sweet, filled with green tea flavor. It could possibly be the best green tea ice cream on Jeju! The green tea latte was delicious as well! We didn’t get to try the other dessert, but if you did, please let us know how it was!

Cave Cafe was a really unique place to visit, and just the perfect spot to rest after a hot day in the sun. If you’re looking for a special date place, come to Cave Cafe!


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