Kayaking in Aewol

The best thing about summer is the warm weather, plenty of sunshine, and water sports! If you enjoy just being in the middle of the ocean, then kayaking is for you!


This week I got to enjoy a 2-person kayaking experience in Aewol with my fellow SNS colleague. It was a lot of fun! Well, maybe more for me than for her since she has to do all the rowing while I was filming and taking pictures. ^_^

We went to Aewol to J.S.L., which stands for Jeju Sea and Leisure, to rent one of their crystal kayak.

Address: 2459 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju (제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 애월리 2459). They also have a location in Woljeongri.

JSl provide lifejackets, so if your kayak flips, you are still safe even if you can’t swim.


The cost for kayaking is 20,000won for 2 people for 30 minutes. It might sound short, but 30 minutes is plenty of time for your arm workout.


You can present your ticket to the men at the floating dock and they will help you get on a kayak.


The kayak I got on has plenty of space for 2 people, but only 1 set of oars. I saw another kayak with 2 people sitting in the same direction and 2 sets of oars. But this one was just what we needed, though I would have liked to try my hands at rowing too!


The kayak here is clear all around so you can look down and see the water below. I didn’t get to see any fish but my colleague did when she looked down. The water is really clean and clear, and not so deep, so the crystal kayak is a good way to see the fish. Better luck to me next time!


Right near this area is the famous Monsant Cafe and Bomnal Cafe that we talked about in an earlier post.


Monsant Cafe looks different when you’re in the water since you get to see the whole of it from afar. Next time you come to Aewol, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some delicious, then burn off the calories by kayaking!


And if you’re not rowing at the moment, you can just relax and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful blue water.


Ah, isn’t life wonderful? What are you waiting for? Put on some sunblock and head over to Aewol! ^_^


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