Indigo Cafe

I just discovered a beautiful cafe along the coast of Aewol, a few minutes drive from Monsant Cafe and where we can kayak. The name is Indigo Cafe.


The address is 204 Aewol Coastal Road, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju (제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 애월해안로 204)

I especially like the elegant and feminine decor. Each piece of decoration is really tasteful and inspiring.


The cafe even has these cute pillows look like they’re friends waiting for you to have coffee with. Want to make a new friend? Look, he’s acting cool. ^_^


You can even get a little card to send a special someone a note.


Besides the lovely decor, the view is also fabulous! On a sunny day, you can see how blue the water is. The cafe has these big windows that stretch across the front of the cafe so you can see the ocean. It even has a sitting area right outside where you can relax on the stone bench and soak in the sunshine.


But even better than the view is the mango tangerine smoothie. Mango’s my favorite fruit, so I’ve tried different mango drinks around the island. This is one of the best! It’s a little pricey though, at 7,000won. But wouldn’t you say it’s worth it if you can have the view to go with it?


But cafes are not just for drinks, they also have some of the best desserts! I was really excited to try their mango crepe, but sadly it was not available that day. Can you tell that mango is my favorite fruit? I tried the green tea cake and the Jeju carrot cake instead. They were both really rich an delicious! The green tea cake is packed with flavor. Green tea lovers would surely love this. The carrot cake is also really moist and fluffy, layered with a really nice cream cheese filling. Yummy!


 Indigo Cafe is a beautiful spot for a date or a get-together with your girlfriends.  You won’t be disappointed in the menu or the ambience!


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