Paragliding in Jeju

I’m super excited about the warm weather in Jeju because of all the fun things I get to do outdoors! I’ve always dreamed of flying, and my dream came true when I went paragliding last week. ^__^


The pictures don’t do the trip justice, so please watch our video!

There are several places around Jeju where you can paraglide, but one of the most popular tandem paragliding places is at Geumak oreum on the west coast of Jeju. Because it is “360 degree” surrounded by open space, you can go paragliding here in all seasons. But you need to take a little walk up the oreum first!


For beginners, I recommend flying tandem with an experienced and certified instructor. The instructor will help you suit up and provide the equipment and helmet. On Geumak, you will see other teams preparing for their flight too. You’re not alone! ^_^ I brought a Gopro so you can see Jeju from my view up in the sky.


After buttoning up my jacket, and securing all the gears properly, I’m ready to go! The instructor will tell you to start running down the hill to get your momentum, and then without knowing it, you’re lifted into the air! Woohoo!


I can see Jeju below me! The land looks like patches on a quilt from up here!


As we descended, I can see the roads and trees clearer.


There’s a nice open space for paragliders to land just below Geumaksan.


All too soon my paragliding trip was over. My instructor repacked his equipment for his next trip.


There are several places to go paragliding around Jeju, and the best time to go is during the spring and autumn, right when the season changes.

Paragliding in Jeju (1)

There are several companies in Jeju that offers tandem paragliding services. The one that I went with this time was  Jeju Sea Sky Paratour (제주바다하늘패러튜어). Their homepage is The instructor speaks English, so you can contact him via email at The price is 80,000+ won. Please inquire the company for a quote.

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