Eco Party in Yerae

This July 23rd was the first Eco-party event in Jeju! We explored the beautiful Yerae area.


The event started at 3pm in a shaded area. Guests can relax on red bean-bag couches, or enjoy a cup of tea.


Can you guess what flavor this is? It’s mugwort!


After a few welcoming messages, we divided into groups to start the Eco-trek. Out tour guide was very knowledgeable about the area.


Even though the weather was really hot, our walking trail offers some shade and a cool breeze.


Along the way, we saw many spring water spots. It’s clean and refreshing to drink!


I think my favorite part was walking along the coast. You can see the blue ocean and blue sky stretching overhead. In the distance towards the left is GGaetkkak Jusangjeollidae, and further out is the Jeju International Convention Center.


The ocean was not the only place to catch a breeze. By Yerae stream is a sheltered spot for camping. The water here is also very cool.


From the ocean to the forest, our trek took us to different parts of the Eco-trail.


After a good exercise, we finally returned to our starting point.


There was bin dae deok, pork and squid kebabs, abalone porride, and of course, kimchi.



We were treated to some nice flute and saxophone performances.


What a way to end the day! ^_^ This is the first of the Eco-Party series! There will be one Eco-Party event a month from July to October. The next one will be at the end of August at Harye-ri. Keep an eye out for it!

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