Flea Market at Samda Park

Every Friday from July 1 to August 19, Samda Park in Jeju has a flea market followed by a free concert. If you like shopping for a bargain, then check it out!


Location: Samda Park at Shin Jeju Rotary

Directions by bus: If you’re in Jeju City,you can take bus 20, 26, 92, 500, or 502 to Shin Jeju Rotary. Bus 26, 92, and 502 stops by the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.

At the flea market, there will be food and drinks to give you energy.

photo 1

These cold drinks will keep you cool in the summer heat.

photo 2

Food trucks also stop by Samda Park so you won’t go hungry. These chicken tacos are so delicious!

photo 3


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