Parasailing in Jeju

Do you like water activities? Do you like to be floating in the sky? You can find a combination of both in parasailing!


In Jungmun, there are many water activities for you to try. Parasailing is one of the most popular water sports. First, you will be taken on a boat out into the sea.


You are given a harness to wear. This will be hooked onto the parasail wing. When you are in the hair, hold onto the harness, but avoid the metal clip because it could snip your fingers.


Besides the boat driver, there are two guides on the parasailing trip. They will help unfurl the parasail wings and help attach you to it. They will also pull you back to the boat safely, so you won’t even hit the water.


When it’s your turn, you will be hooked up to the parasail wings and the wind will lift you up. Up, up, and away! You can parasail by yourself or with a friend. The parasail wing can hold up to two people, though I’m not sure what the weight limit is.


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