Seafood Bibimbap in Jeju

Bibimbap (Korean “mixed rice”) is a popular food for locals and tourists. This healthy and delicious dish usually comes with meat and vegetables. But here on Jeju, you can have special seafood bibimbap.


Even before you start on your main course, you will be served a variety of healthy side dishes to whet your appetite. A lot of salad and vegetable dishes!


Jeon (Korean pancake) is one of my favorite side dishes. This jeon has corn in it. It goes with a nice soy sauce dipping sauce. I was so happy about the free refill because one jeon was not enough for me! 😛


There are a few bibimbap to try. The octopus bimbap tasted really fresh. You are giving a wooden bowl of vegetables and octopus slices and a separate bowl of rice. Put the rice into the wooden bowl and mix it with the  bibimbap ingrediences. Pour in some seasoned doenjang (bean paste) sauce and flavored with extra gochujang (hot pepper paste) to your taste. Then you’re ready to eat!


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