Korean Summer Dishes: Jeju Style

What do Korean people like to eat in the summer? Let me present some popular dishes from Jeju.


1.Naengmyeon (냉면) is a popular summer dish throughout Korea. The buck wheat noodle is served in a cold broth, often with cubes of ice, and garnished with an egg, vegetables, and slices of meat.


You can add in more hot pepper paste or mustard sauce for a spicier taste. The chewy pork goes really well with the cold noodles.


2.If you like cold noodles, then kong guksu (콩국수) is another summer dish to try. The noodles are made from buck wheat while the broth is from ground soybean. The texture is thicker than other noodle soup. It’s best to add some salt before eating because it can taste a little plain. This is a good dish for vegans and vegetarians!


Hot dumplings make a good accompaniment to this cold dish. The dumplings are filled with vegetables and meat.


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