Young artists take center stage at Jeju Art Fair

1A glance at any Jeju visitor map will reveal that the island is covered with a wide variety of museums and galleries to explore.

For the art enthusiast this means you can fill your entire annual calendar with exhibitions, events, festivals and more.

There are a good number of young Jeju artists, too, who are very active in the community. But making a name for oneself in this challenging and competitive field can be rough. Compared to more well established artists, there are relatively fewer chances to exhibit their work in public.

With that in mind, the organizers of the 2016 Jeju Art Fair have tailored their three-day event to artists under 40. Their objective is to give young artists from around the region — including China and Japan — a chance to experience the art market and interact first hand with the public. This is an important step in their professional growth and making a name for themselves in the art community at large.

Here are just a few examples of the young artists and their work which will be on display at the 2016 Jeju Art Fair:


Son Yujin is majoring in Korean painting as an undergraduate and applies her art to a deeper look into social issues.


Kim Yujun uses photography to find meaning in the coexistence of the ephemeral and the structured.

Did you know?

It’s no accident that Jeju attracts a great many artists.

There are a good number who have relocated to the island on a semi-permanent to permanent basis, taking advantage of the quiet, calm atmosphere and distinct aesthetic influence of island life and surroundings.

A case in point is Jeoji Art Village, a serene area in the west of the island which was purchased by the provincial government in 2003 and sold to 48 artists who built homes and studios there. The village also boasts the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, which has a wide range of special exhibitions on throughout the year, over and above its permanent collection.


Artists Shin Sili and Park Saerom work with the common theme of “variation in nature.”

5Date/Time: Oct. 27 to Oct. 30

Location: Locations along Setmulgol Street, Tapdong, Jeju City (제주시 관덕로 15길 입구)

How to get there: Since this venue is located right on Dongmun Rotary, there are plenty of buses (9, 10, 28, 38, 43, 100, 200, etc.) to use. If you prefer taking a taxi, all the drivers will easily find this location for you.

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