Nationwide halal special offer begins Nov. 1

halal-week-screen-captureMore and more travelers arrive in Korea each year, a great many from Muslim countries. However, even a cursory look at a standard Korean meal reveals that pork products feature prominently, making eating out a challenge for Muslims and vegetarians alike.

With this in mind, the Korea Tourism Organization is hosting a “Halal Restaurant Week,” an event which starts Nov. 1 and runs through Dec. 10. If you are travelling within Korea, you’ll be able to receive a coupon book at the following locations (none on Jeju, unfortunately): Incheon Airport Tour Information Center, Insadong Maru, and Itaewon Tourist Information Center.

Some 95 restaurants nationwide are participating in the following categories/capacities: Halal certified, self certified, Muslim friendly, and pork free. (Please note that these categories are not guaranteed to apply to a particular establishment, so please be cautious.)

Looking through the list, Jeju has three participating restaurants. They are all listed under the “Muslim friendly” category. Details can be found here (by clicking on the “Restaurants” tab).

We hope you enjoy this special offer!



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