Yeomiji Botanical Garden: A climate-controlled oasis

dsc02647Jeju Island is Korea’s warmest province, as seen in its thriving citrus and tourism industries. But that doesn’t mean we don’t experience an occasional cold snap or two over the winter months.

Recently the mercury has dipped quite a bit, leading some visitors to seek out indoor activities.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden is just such a destination. Open since 1989 in the Jungmun Tourist Complex, Yeomiji is an oasis within an island oasis of plant life.

It’s nice that the indoor areas are climate controlled so you can stay warm in winter, cool in summer.
The cactus garden has more than 500 species of cacti and succulent plants.

dsc00558 img_20170111_154026

dsc02688Did you know?

The tower which serves as a great observation point for the entire Jungmun area, is 38 meters in height. 

When you look down on its “flower-like” form, you might see a sunflower. 

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Yeomiji is within view of the International Convention Center, Jungmun Saekdal Beach and the beautiful south sea.

dsc02664 dsc00520

Six themed-gardens and a seasonal display are housed under one of the region’s largest greenhouses.

Jeju’s themed garden has a “mysterious” atmosphere to it, while the others are self-explanatory: a flower garden with trees, plants and vines from tropical and subtropical regions.

Yeomiji means “beautiful land”

dsc00584 dsc00588 dsc00590

There’s an aquatic garden and a cactus garden, each of which reproduces the biosphere and common plants of that particular habitat.

The colder it is outside, the warmer and more inviting the Jungle and Tropical Fruit Gardens appear. Kids also can have fun exploring the thick foliage, and occasionally encounter a dinosaur or other replica.

dsc00544 dsc00534 dsc00541

And since we went in January, the season display had a Christmassy-New Year’s feel to it. Though that may have changed in the coming days, if it hasn’t already.

To the north, Hallasan Mountain shrouded in clouds


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