Explore the Ilchul Land acreage at any time of year

dsc02584Regular readers of this blog will have noticed an alternating outdoor/indoor theme to recent posts relating to the winter season and cold weather.

Hallim Park, for example, has a wealth of daffodils blooming at the moment, while Herb Dongsan is celebrating Jeju’s winter nights with a media façade and garden light display.

The indoor Yeomiji Botanical Garden, meanwhile, is a great choice when it’s just a little too cold for some.

Now, when it comes to Hallim Park, I did mention in passing that there are also indoor greenhouse areas and a natural cave system to explore – all with a nice climate-controlled environment.

This is also the case at Ilchul Land in Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, the topic of today’s post.

This large acreage is made up of a waterfront park, a replica folk village, a cactus greenhouse, art center and more.

dsc02581 dsc02584 dsc00418 dsc00386 dsc00433 dsc00432

But the jewel in the crown is Micheongul Cave, a natural volcanic formation that is reminiscent of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Manjanggul Cave in Gimnyeong, though a smaller version of that.

You can walk the length of about 350 meters underground (by contrast, Manjanggul has a 1-kilometer section open to the public) and view the different volcanic formations in the relative comfort of its protected climate.

dsc00391 dsc00393

dsc02602 dsc02604 dsc02598img_20170110_155328 img_20170110_155420 img_20170110_155248

If you’re planning to visit Ilchul Land, we’d love to hear from you about your experience. Please comment on this post or on any of our SNS channels.

dsc02615 dsc00390

How to get there: Click here for a map and directions on VisitJeju.net. 


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