Jeju’s Chocolate Museum: A rare, sweet treat

Ah, Valentine’s Day! (Yes, it’s no coincidence we’re posting this on Feb. 14)

In recognition of this memorable and momentous event for some (and admittedly a somewhat melancholy day for others), we would like to bring you — Jeju’s venerable Chocolate Museum, located in the south of the island in Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo.


If you’re at all a fan of the sweet stuff, then this is the place for you.

Jeju’s Chocolate Museum is overflowing with interesting information and displays related to the cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing of the stuff.

After an hour browsing these boards, I felt like I’d come out with a Ph.D in the subject.

img_20170213_150036 img_20170213_150533 img_20170213_150513 img_20170213_150130

dsc03157 img_20170213_151037

Did you know?

While you might think chocolate will cause weight gain, acne, cavities, amd raised cholesterol levels... The answer (according the museum’s information) is a resounding “No”.


The museum is built to resemble a castle (though appropriately using volcanic basalt rock on the exterior, for a uniquely Jeju feel.) There’s it’s filled with chocolate/cacao-related items, products and machines which the museum’s founder has collected over many years.

Click for a larger view


Chocolate molds from around the world

pano_20170213_151254 img_20170213_153302

And then for the kids, there’s the Christmas Room (where, they say, it’s Christmas all year round) and a Chocolate Education area, which is laid out more like a lab or kitchen, where kids can learn all about the properties of chocolate and techniques to make and mold their own creations.

The Christmas room geared for Santa fans
Budding chocolatiers may get their start here…

img_20170213_154754 img_20170213_154723 Upstairs is a more advanced version of this — where professionals work on a large variety of handmade chocolate varieties which are sold in the on-site shop.

The kitchen is clean, well equipped and completely open (behind glass) for the public to witness and photograph these chocolatiers at work. Personally, I found this the most engaging part of the visit.

Click for a larger view


Did you know?

Jeju is in the Top 10 world chocolate museums:

Cologne, Germany

Victoria, Canada

Barcelona, Spain

St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada

Prague, Czech Republic

Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA

Bruges, Belgium

Geispolsheim, France

Mexico City, Mexico

While the building and displays might be showing their age a bit (it opened in 2002), if you can overlook that the overall experience visiting Jeju’s Chocolate Museum is definitely rewarding.

Not to mention you can treat yourself to their handmade goodies. Just be sure to make it to the car before you finish them off!

Click here for hours of operation and map here at

img_20170213_153944 dsc03155

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